Colbie Caillat - 'Try' [Music Video]

colbie caillat try music video
colbie caillat try video

Awww! Colbie Caillat, you just melted my little heart with this video. True her ‘Gypsy Heart (Side A)’ EP released last month a la ‘BEYONCÉ’ is flopping, but I still have the hope the lead single ‘Try’ is going to grow on everyone in the coming weeks. The song is a little gem! If you haven’t heard it yet, click play below!! It’s an order!!

Out of all artists, who knew Colbie Caillat was going to be the first to release a musical set in the same way of 'BEYONCÉ'. I think Republic Records made a bad mistake with this release, though! Colbie isn't that HUGE to pull what Beyoncé pulled last year. They should have released ‘Gypsy Heart (Side A)’ EP in the typical way waiting for the lead single to get consolidated first. Because look what happened! The EP isn’t selling well, and everybody’s laughing at Colbie for trying to imitate Beyoncé and failing.

Anyway, the official music video for ‘Try’ is here today (July 8) – three weeks after the cute lyric video featuring a bunch of A-list cameos premiered – and it’s very beautiful. Colbie keeps it white and simple. She and a handful of other women appear in front of the camera with their make-up on and hair done. As the song moves on, we get to see the girls removing their make-up and embracing her beautiful natural selves. Great message!!

What do you think of the video?

By on July 8, 2014
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