Colbie Caillat Shines On 'America's Got Talent'

I like it, like it! The always lovely and sweet Colbie Caillat took the center stage on NBC's "America's Got Talent' on Wednesday's results show to perform her new single "Brighter Than The Sun" - This single has been out on radios and available for unique digital download on iTunes for a while now, but little have been the results. I guess people weren't in the mood for sweet Colbie music at that time. But fornutaly, it all started to improve this week. "Brighter Than The Sun" is back on the Top 100 on iTunes and has began gaining on airplay. Good! I stan for this summery, relaxing tune. I wonder though if Colbie will reclaim her throne one day, cause she was a charts ruler a few years ago. Her first two albums did and sold amazingly well. As for the recent performance of "Brighter Than The Sun" on AGT, Colbie did fantastic! She connected with the audience and sang the song flawlessly.

By on August 18, 2011
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