Colbie Caillat - 'Gypsy Heart (Side A)' [EP Lyrics]

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When she released ‘Hold On’ earlier this year, we all thought Colbie Caillat was coming with a new full-length album, but since ‘Hold On’ was received rather ‘cold’ by the Ameircan audience and radios, the full-length album plans have been scrapped for the moment, and instead Republic Records and Colbie have released a five-song EP called 'Gypsy Heart (Side A)’. And they actually dropped this ‘Beyoncé’-style; without a previous warning, and releasing the full thing all at once on Monday, June 9th on iTunes. The EP's first single is the heart-warming ballad 'Try'.

Colbie made a mistake with ‘Hold On’. She clearly 'tailored' that song so it would get radios’ favor, but it was a mistake by Colbie because she’s 'at her best' when she records songs that feel very personal to her and non-tailored for radio (although its their unique-ness that eventually make them hits on radio). And that’s what she’s done for 'Gypsy Heart (Side A)’, and that’s why this EP is the best thing Colbie’s released in years. It’s that GOOD. Every lyric, every vocal, every production...Flawless and Effortless! Colbie sings from her heart, and the organic, acoustic-driven sound of the EP is just genius. She MUST continue this musical path in her next full-length album release. [More info]

Favorite song(s)?

1. 'Live It Up'

2. 'Blaze'

3. 'If You Love Me Let Me Go'

4. 'Try'

5. 'Never Gonna Let You Down'

By on June 11, 2014
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