“Close To Me” Video Premiere: Ellie Goulding Wants Us To Visit Budapest, Hungary

ellie goulding close to me
ellie goulding close to me video
ellie goulding close to me premiere

I am still so obsessed with this song. So when I saw in my email inbox that the music video had been finally premiered I was like: BRING IT! But then I saw it and a tiny feeling of disappointment traveled through my body. It’s not a bad music video; it’s just a weird one. It really looks more like photoshoot than a music video. Ellie Goulding did look very pretty in it and that’s a fact, though. Also, Budapest, Hungary is beautiful – but I already knew that. Another fact is that undoubtedly the Hungarian Tourism Board was the one that paid the full budget for this music video. The Budapest promotion was so blatant - lol.


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Let’s all keep streaming and requesting “Close to Me” to your local radio. Ellie deserves a new hit! I mean, we should be grateful to her for this CHORUS!

By on November 14, 2018
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