Ciara’s New Song “Level Up” Is OK But The Music Video Is OH WOW: Check It Out!

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And just like that Ciara is back.

The R&B singer released her first new single since 2015’s “Dance like We're Making Love” this Wednesday morning (July 18). Titled “Level Up”, the uptempo song is a one-off single for the loyal Ciara fans for the summer. Am I appreciative for this new song? Hell yeah. I don’t care if it’s not part of an upcoming album, the mere fact it is new music from Cici is more than enough for me.

So, the actual song is a little bit “meh”, a little bit “just okay” and a little bit “dated-sounding” but I can bop to it, though. The music video, however, THAT is fire. So yeah, I recommend listen to “Level Up” for the first time watching the music video, which Ciara kindly premiered on YouTube also this Wednesday morning.

The music video was clearly budget-tight to do but Ciara made it work no matter what. She focused on the aesthetics, the fashion, and the choreography, and she killed (positively speaking) the final product focusing on just that. Ciara is a phenomenal dancer, we all knew that, and she proved her skills once again in this music video. I loved every bit of the choreography she served here, I loved Ciara’s look and the dancers’ looks, and this music video/’let’s get in shape’ routine also reminded me I need to intensely hit the gym ASAP to get in a good shape – like Ciara in this video - quick before I go the beach for the first time this summer. Bye!


Read the lyrics to "Level Up" here

By on July 18, 2018
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