Ciara Scraps 'One Woman Army' Title, Re-Names New Album 'Ciara', Debuts Official Cover

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Ciara Scraps 'One Woman Army' Title, Re-Names New Album 'Ciara', Debuts Official Cover

So much for 'One Woman Army'! Ciara's been repeating that title over and over again in each interview, yet today we find out the name of the R&B singer's fifth album has been changed to simply 'Ciara'...yeah, she's going the self-titled route for this era.

The news first broke when the CSquad (Ciara's fans) discovered a link to pre-order the new album on the UK iTunes store, featuring the official album cover, tracklist and the 'revamped' album title. What happened to 'One Woman Army'?. I hope Ciara gives us a good explanation! I actually liked that title. I mean, I am in no way anticipating her new album (although I'm digging "Body Party"), but the original name was better, in my opinion. Also, we got our first look on the album artwork. And that is banging! It's simple, it's engaging, and Ciara looks FIIIIINE. They went for the clones concept, with two CiCis, in all black ensembles, and just wearing a sports bra as top, throws a fist to the side.

Ciara put any doubts to rest about the album title change when she posted the following photo on Monday afternoon (April 15) on her Instagram. (See below). Ciara's eponymous album gets released in the US in June, and overseas in July, and it features 10 songs only, including two duets, one with Nicki Minaj, and one with boyfriend, Future.

Prefer 'One Woman Army' or 'Ciara'?

ciara confirms tracklist on instagram

By on April 15, 2013

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