Ciara Hits Us With A "DOSE": Song Premiere

ciara dose

Is Ciara going to give us a new album/EP soon or what? She’s releasing so much new music in a very short period of time!

After “Level Up” and “Freak Me”, here is “Dose”. Ciara premiered this brand new song today on digital platforms worldwide. The track features female empowering songs and lyrics where Ciara shares how she likes to dominate guys when in a relationship I think? Or is she talking about sex? Not sure. Anyhow, the vocals are fire, the production is head-nodding worthy but is “Dose” better than “Level Up” and “Freak Me”? Not to me. Ciara kind of ends her winning streak for me here. But hey, “Dose” ain’t bad. It’s just that after two fire songs, something “just cute” leaves me with a bit of sour taste in the mouth if you know what I mean. Also, I’m still kind of pissed at Ciara for not giving us a proper music video for “Freak Me”.

Now, where is the new album? DONDE!?


By on September 14, 2018
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