Ciara Does New Single "Dance Like We're Making Love" On TV For The First Time On "Live! with Kelly & Michael"

ciara on kelly and michael
ciara co-host

Fierce R&B songstress Ciara was a busy girl this Monday morning (August 10). For she was a co-host and a live performer on “Live! With Kelly and Michael” on ABC. CI-ara was there replacing Kelly Ripa for the day, and towards the end of today’s episode she changed clothes and took the center stage to deliver the very first televised performance of the new single “Dance Like We’re Making Love” from her sixth studio album “Jackie”.

Ciara, in a graceful black dress, sang the Dr. Luke and Cirkut sultry co-production so well! It’s amazing how much her vocals have improved since she first started. She ain’t afraid to hit the high notes anymore. And as the diva she is, Ciara did not forget to bring her two fans along with her. Wind in the hair is very important!

The only thing that prevented this performance from being 100% perfect was the cameraman’s lame job. He didn’t catch any of the footwork! WTF!? If I were Ciara, I’d be pissed. Anyhow, solid first TV performance of “Dance Like We’re Making Love”, girl!

PS: Those back-up dancers are so fierce!


By on August 10, 2015
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