Christina Perri - "The Words" [Music Video Premiere!]

Christina Perri The Words video
Christina Perri The Words video premiere

You know what “The WordsChristina Perri refers in her new single are. They’re: “I love you”.

The Philadelphia singer-songwriter is release a new single from her “Head or Heart” album and the chosen song is the beautiful ballad “The Words”, co-written by Ms. Perri, David Ryan Harris and David Hodges, and produced by Butch Walker.

Since Valentine’s Day is so close, I think releasing this love song is THE perfect choice.

Christina premiered this morning of January 26th the official music video for “The Words” on VEVO. Watch the Philippe Paille-directed visual below:

I too was left a bit confused when finishing watching the above MV but YouTube user Nikka Rose’s explanation will clarify it all: “At first, I thought she was dead, haunting him like a ghost. Then, I was wondering what's with the orchids? But in the end, I realized that they were just meeting each other for the first time. I think he's always seen her at the flower shop and has been thinking about her which is why he feels her presence near him all the time. I think the song represents taking a chance at love again as they finally come together. “

Aww! I thought she was a ghost in the beginning too. But just as Christina says in the song; “’Cause love is a ghost you can’t control”. She used this lyric to come up with the video treatment. So she isn’t technically a ghost. She caused a huge first impression on this guy and he’s been fantasizing about her (making her seem like a “ghost”) ever since, and he knows she goes a lot to the flower shop so he decides to pop over one more time and voila! Christina is there and they can finally speak and say “the words”.

What do you think of the video?

Christina Perri The Words video youtube
By on January 26, 2015
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