Christina Perri "Head or Heart" Album Lyrics

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Christina Perri is facing a dilemma. Should she trust her "Head or Heart". That the title of the poem-writer's (she's not a song-writer, she's a poem-writer, get it?) sophomore studio album that will be released April 1st via Atlantic Records. It's taken Christina three whole years to serve us with a new album, as her debut "Lovestrong" was released in 2011.

On "Head or Heart", Christina only worked with three producers; Martin Johnson, Jake Gosling, John Hill and Butch Walker. And there's only one collaboration, "Be My Forever", with Ed Sheeran. And we all know this song is going to be an official single sooner or later, so pretend like you don't know. "Be My Forever" is one of those songs that are meant to rule the charts. It's too gorgeous. Perri told in an interview months ago that "Be My Forever" was recorded as a duet with Ed Sheeran in secret. She was afraid her label would be against the duet, but in the end they loved it! And so do we!

First single from "Head or Heart" is "Human".

Favorite song(s)?

1. “Trust

2. “Burning Gold

3. “Be My Forever(feat. Ed Sheeran)

4. “Human

5. “One Night

6. “I Don’t Wanna Break

7. “Sea of Lovers

8. “The Words

9. “Lonely Child

10. “Run

11. “Butterfly

12. “Shot Me in the Heart

13. “I Believe

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