Christina Perri - "Burning Gold" [Music Video]

christina perri burning gold music video

I like music videos with morals and Christina Perri’s video for “Burning Gold” has one; “All that glitters isn’t always gold”. The 27-year-old Philadelphia singer uploaded to YouTube today, August 1, the official visual for “Burning Gold”, the second official single from her latest album “Head or Heart”. The song was co-written by Perri and Kid Harpoon, and was produced by John Hill and Butch Walker.

“Burning Gold” music video review

Christina is a waitress at a very dirty truck stop diner. Her life is pretty miserable, but she’s got to work there to make ends meet. She gazes through the window from time to time watching the better lives of other, and realizing hers is sort of doomed. However, when a famous singers and his back-up dancer enter the diner one day, Christina out of the sudden gets a shot of courage, selects a song on the jukebox, grabs the microphone and starts belting the song and exposing her amazing talent. This famous male singer spots Christina, and hires her as her new back-up singer. After going on tour, Christina falls in love with his 'savior'‘ aka the famous singer who hired her. They supposedly live a happy life until Ms. Perri finds him cheating on her. A heart-broken and furious Christina gets the keys of his Porsche, drives away with no fixed destination, leaves and gets off the car below a cement bridge and sets it on fire - leaving all her 'new life' and all the glitz behind. “All that glitters isn’t always gold”.

Really cool video! The concept goes really well with the lyrics of the song. That being said, didn't y'all get a Beyoncé's "Dreamgirls" movie vibe when watching this?

christina perri burning gold video

What do you think of the video?

By on August 1, 2014
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