Christina Perri - 'Distance' (Music Video)

Check out the video premiere for Christina Perri's new single "Distance", whose radio edit will now feature the new version with Jason Mraz (an exclusive from deluxe edition of "Lovestrong")...Watch above! The Elliott Sellers-directed MV sees Christina and Jason singing the lyrics of the wistful ballad while wandering the same place (a beautiful mansion...) but without running into each other. Why??? So sad! I thought they were going to meet in the end and give each other a big hug, but the ending is rather cold...they just stare (?) at each other...and that's it. Anyways, even though I looooove "Distance", and especially the new version with the ever-likeable Jason Mraz, I just don't see it as a Top 40 hit in the US. I mean, it's a flawless 'album' track, but me thinks radios won't love it as much...especially now that summer is upon us.

What do you think of the video?

Christina Perri - 'Distance' (Music Video) screencap

By on June 29, 2012
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