Chris Brown Hangs With Scott Disick & ASAP Rocky In "Picture Me Rollin'" Music Video: Watch

chris brown picture me rollin video
chris brown picture me rollin music video

Chris Brown continues with his streak of new music videos.

Moments ago, today - December 17th, the American singer premiered online the music video for his song “Picture Me Rollin’”, which will appear on his forthcoming album “Royalty” that comes out in stores tomorrow.

Due to technical issues with VEVO, Chris was forced to upload the “Picture Me Rollin’” video to Vimeo.

chris brown vimeo

This video is a continuation to the preceding video for “Anyway”. This new one opens with Chris in his car with his girlfriend, with whom he had just reconciled, breaking up again. She didn’t like the punch he inflicted to the hunky black man from the “Anyway” video in front of everyone at the door of the club. So, his once-again ex-girlfriend steps out of the car and walks away. And Chris, instead of going after her, and upon receiving a call from Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick, asking him to help him out “f*cking some b*tches”, races with his fancy ride towards the house party where the pretty ladies are waiting for him. Once at the event, Chris will join the crowd in the celebratory mood, will start doing choreographies and be the life of the party. He will even have some fun jumping up and down in a bouncy house with some beautiful chicas. However, all of the run will be ruined when an old man, with some nasty head tattoo and accompanied by two bodyguards, cuts the music and asks Chris Brown to come with him. Apparently, this is the same man from the “Fine By Me” video. The one that wants to kill Chris.

chris brown picture me rollin video premiere

Trying to defend Chris, Scott Disick and A$AP Rocky will exchange a few harsh words with the old man, and will seemingly knock out the poor bastard next - at least that’s what can be heard - but not seen.

What do you think of the video?

By on December 17, 2015
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