China's Jane Zhang Continues U.S Takeover With "Work For It": Single Premiere

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China's Jane Zhang Continues U.S Takeover With "Work For It": Single Premiere

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows usually always bring in big ratings and that fact almost every time translates into a surge in digital sales of the songs performed by the musical entertainers, but in the case of year’s edition, which aired last night on CBS, it seems only one of the performing artists will see their hard work at the fashion event pay off (the rest will have traveled to Shanghai and cleared space from their schedules for nothing…). And no, we’re not talking about Harry Styles, the most relevant guest performer at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017, but Chinese pop singer Jane Zhang! Say what!? We’re not kidding. As of this post, none of two songs (“Kiwi” and “Only Angel”) Harry performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 are back on the iTunes USA Top 100. In contrast, the brand new song Jane Zhang performed called “Work For It” is, as of this post, at #10 on iTunes USA and rising! Only one performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and this song rockets to the highest positions of iTunes? Wow. Jane should feel in Cloud 9 right now. She’s repeating history. That’s right… last year she did the same feat by getting her American debut single “Dust My Shoulders Off” on the Top 10 of iTunes. Back then everybody thought “Dust My Shoulders Off” was going to be one-time thing for Jane but HEY, she’s now repeated the feat, meaning this girl is here to stay and America has fallen in love with her! Go Jane Zhang, our Chinese pop queen!

“Work For It” (released on iTunes last night) may not be the most amazing nor most original song ever, in fact it’s very cliché, and dare we say dated-sounding, but we can’t deny this urban-pop track is a bop. Jane talks about a sexual challenge between a boy and a girl where the boy will have to “work for it” if he wants to be with the girl ("on her body" as the lyrics say) - the girl being Jane Zhang in this case. The production in “Work For It” is kind of hot, but very early 2000s too, but hey, we’ve been mesmerized by this song too. Guess we were in the need for some nostalgia music and Jane has provided us with that void fix. Now she needs to go to America and perform “Work For It” on every TV show!

By on November 29, 2017

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