Cheryl Performs 'Call My Name' on 'The Voice'

Cheryl Performs 'Call My Name' on 'The Voice'

I don't care if she mimed or not, point is my Cheryl (gonna be tough dropping the 'Cole') slayed on Saturday night on 'The Voice UK'...Watch above! The pop star treated the BBC 1 audience with the first televised performance of the Calvin Harris-produced "Call My Name", the first single from Cheryl's upcoming third solo album "A Million Lights", arriving in UK stores next June 18th. I'm totally hooked on this song! Ever since I watched its colorful and dance-filled MV I can't help but play it at least once a day. "Call My Name" just gets my mood up! As for Cheryl's performance on 'The Voice UK', yeah, it could've been mimed = pre-recorded live vocals, but whatever, Cheryl put on a great visual spectacle nevertheless. From the awesome opening with the leap of faith, to Cheryl's outfit, hair, make-up, dancing and her sweet classiness on stage, she killed it. This was THE first TV performance the song needed! "Call My Name" gets officially released on iTunes UK on June 10th. Cheryl's gonna have an easy #1! Muchas felicidades, girl!

What do YOU think of the performance/song?

Cheryl Performs 'Call My Name' on 'The Voice' screencap
By on May 27, 2012

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