Cheryl Cole - 'Ghetto Baby' (Music Video)

Cheryl Cole - 'Ghetto Baby' (Music Video)

Cheryl Cole gets her swagger on in the music video for "Ghetto Baby", a track - written by Lana del Rey included on the British singer's third studio album "A Million Lights"...Watch above!

Directed by John Rankin Waddell and released on YouTube early on December 25th as a gift for fans, Cheryl struts and dances like there's no tomorrow in this rather-cheap, but good-nevertheless clip. "Ghetto Baby" is one of the few flawless songs on Cheryl's disappointing "A Million Lights" CD, and for this she should always be thankful to Lana del Rey. I really like this more urban, R&B-ish Cheryl, but sadly we know for sure this genre won't bring any hits for her. About the pictured attached's Cheryl's new BF!

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Cheryl Cole - 'Guetta Baby' (Music Video)
By on December 25, 2012

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