Cher Lloyd’s Comeback Single “None Of My Business” Is A Chill Bop With Lots Of Attitude: Listen Here!

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cher lloyd none of my business video youtube

Hey, if Avril Lavigne can make a comeback why couldn’t Cher Lloyd too, right? You go girl!

The British pop singer made her grand return today with the release of a new single called “None of My Business”. This is Cher’s first proper release since 2016’s “Activated”. Where has she been all this time? Well, she’s a mother now, and yes, she has been quietly working on music too. One of the products of those secret recording sessions is “None of My Business”. And if the rest of new songs are as good as this, then I demand Cher Lloyd to give us her new album ASAP (my anxiety is real). She’s coming back for murder; I can feel it and my body and soul are ready. “Activated” I didn’t love but “None of My Business” is oh wow. What a step up!

“None of My Business” is a chill bop where Cher sings to her old boyfriend who’s already with somebody else. Cher is happy with that obnoxious person out of her life and she just feels pity every time he calls her up to try to get back with her. Also, she enjoys hearing rumors about how her ex and his new girlfriend are always fighting: “Damn I heard that you and her been having problems / She likes to fight, I guess you both have that in common” – lol. Cher is in in for the kill and I love it.

if you just got out of a toxic relationship and your ex is now with someone who’s clearly a downgrade from you in every aspect then get that karaoke microphone immediately because this is the song you should be singing out aloud right now:

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By on October 19, 2018
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