Cher Lloyd - 'Sirens' [Music Video]

cher lloyd sirens video

FBI agents are about to raid Cher Lloyd's house where her husband is playing poker with his mafioso friends. The sirens alert Cher who manages to burn evidence to protect her partner, and run away with her daughter. Her husband is left behind.

Cher's recently-premiered music video for her new single, the power ballad 'Sirens' is really sad. From the description above, you might think Cher is sad because her husband was left behind, but that's not the case. He didn't give Cher a good life. She was a tormented wife. But she still had feelings for the man as that's clearly why she burned evidence that could have further sunk him in prison.

cher lloyd burns evidence

Several scenes see Cher sat in a dark room honestly 'LIVING' the lyrics of 'Sirens'. She looks tragic! But she nailed her role in the music video anyway. She cried, she screamed, and she gave me Oscar-worthy facial expressions.

I still don't think 'Sirens' is going to do wonders for her on the charts, but I am a fan of the music video. It moved me a little.

Do you approve?

By on April 29, 2014
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