Cher Lloyd Premieres “Activated” Music Video: Watch

cher lloyd activated video
cher lloyd activated music video

Is this really you getting “activated”, girl? Really?

British pop singer Cher Lloyd premiered via VEVO today (Aug. 24) the music video for her newest single “Activated”, and I think we all can agree that it is a bit of a letdown. All Cher did was stand there, flip her hair, and dance.

“Activated” is the lead single from Cher’s upcoming third studio album that she allegedly plans to release later this year independently (after Epic fired her) via Vixen Records.

The song is cute (well, the CHORUS is the only thing cute really) but the music video I didn't get. And here’s proof even Cher FANS either didn’t like or get the singer’s new visual (taken from the YouTube comments):

  • “love the song, but i expected more out of the video, I'm disappointed”
  • “The lyrics are quite poor and the video looks like AHS featuring Cher Lloyd”
  • “yeah, the video was a shit?”
  • “It seems to be such a boring low budget video for such a good song”
  • “i'm really excited 'bout her new work, but this music videos is not good for me”.

Ouch. But who can blame her? Cher doesn’t have the big budgets a major label can give her anymore. So the British girl has to work with what she has. Still, good for her that she can still provide us with “cute” music even though she is an independent pop singer now.

What do you think of the video?

By on August 24, 2016
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