Cher Lloyd - 'With Ur Love' (US Video)

Cher Lloyd - 'With Ur Love' (US Video)

Cher Lloyd plays the evil queen in the new music video for "With Ur Love", the British pop star's new single for the US market lifted from her debut album "Sticks + Stones"...Watch now above!

Not really sure what was wrong with original video though?. It was flawless as it was. Cher looked amazing in it (I mean WOW), there was sassy strutting, WERK poses, and even Mike Posner added a good vibe to the original mix. So I'm not sure why Cher's US label decided to re-shoot the video for the American release of "With Ur Love". In any case, the new video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis - who also did Ms Lloyd's MV for her latest flop-but-amazing single "Oath". In it, Cher lives her own fairytale. She invites four good-looking men to her castle to whom, with the help of her four subjects, she will steal their beauty and souls to, with the help of a magic potion, create her 'ultimate' prince. At least, that's what I understood. The video is okay, but it just doesn't make me 'connect' with the tune's sassiness as it did with the original MV.

What do you think of the video?

Cher Lloyd - 'With Ur Love' (US Video)
By on February 14, 2013

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