Cher Lloyd - Want U Back (Music Video!)

Cher Lloyd - Want U Back (Music Video!)

UK's Cher Lloyd makes fun of her ex in the music video for "Want U Back", the third official single from the 18-year-old swaggerific pop sensation's debut album "Sticks + Stones" - The new Cher Lloyd MV was directed by Parris, known for his works with urban artists such as The-Dream, Ludacris, Swizz Beatz or Common. Good video, tremendously catchy tune! And as you'll see the new *single* version features X Factor USA finalist Astro aka. The Astronomical Kid, more than a subtle hint that "Want U Back" has been chosen as Cher's debut single for the US. Just a random question though, couldn't they find a more relevant rapper? LOL. Were they all busy or what? I mean, even would've been more interesting than hearing this Astro kid. All aside though, best of luck to Cher. Who knew her "Sticks + Stones" album would become one of my favorite pop records of 2011!? Oh, one last thing. Y'all living in the UK can buy the new version of 'Want U Back' starting on February 12th through any of your preferred digital platforms!

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Cher Lloyd - Want U Back (Music Video!)1
By on January 6, 2012

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