Charli XCX Says She Hates “Break The Rules” + Exposes!

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Charli XCX uploaded this magazine page above hours ago today on her Facebook account and we’re not sure yet as to why she specifically wanted fans to get a view of the exclusive interview she gave this unnamed magazine.

There’s only two possibilities, though.

A) That she wanted once and for all to straight the record straight about the album “Sucker”.

B) That she wanted to expose

Let’s talk possibility A first:

“You've said you didn't like your last album, 2014's Sucker. What was wrong and how have you fixed it?
I made some rash decisions with Sucker, like the song Break The Rules. That was so bad. I hate it. I wrote it at a writing camp for other artists with Benny Blanco and Stargate, and I was like, "Whoever sings this song is an idiot.”

LMAO. Yeah, “Break the Rules” was bad but I could actually name songs that were worse on “Sucker”…

I feel though that in her next album the TRUE Charli XCX will emerge and we will love all of her new songs. So far we’re loving “After the Afterparty”.

And now possibility B:

“You worked with during the new sessions - what's he like in the studio?
Amazing! I love him. We were writing and he was like "The verse - just say random words. Nobody listens to the verse." (...) I listened again to his songs and I was like, "****, he actually does this! He really believes in this strategy!””

Wow. By the way she answered this question we’re not fully convinced yet whether she wanted to praise or expose him and trash him. She basically said, we think, that has no real respect for music, that he is lazy, and that he likes to make “fast food” songs.

I hope she NEVER records a song from him.


By on January 23, 2017
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