Charlie Puth’s “Attention” Performance On “The Voice” Was Sexy: Watch Here!

charlie puth attention video
charlie puth attention video premiere

Never found Charlie Puth to be attractive until this performance last night. He FINE!

The 25-year-old American singer-songwriter, who has given us hits such as “See You Again” or “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, performed for the first time on television on “The Voice” his latest single “Attention”, said to be the lead single from his forthcoming second studio album – which should be out then later in 2017. “Attention” is EVERYTHING of a song (such a good combination of old and new sounds) and this performance definitely did it justice.

Looking like a BOSS in his red POLO shirt, Charlie strutted the stage of “The Voice” singing “Attention”, nailing every note on his way, as a troupe of female dancers performed a perfect sexy choreography around him.

Besides sounding FINE, Charlie looked FINE. He’s definitely been working out a lot recently and you can tell. THEM ARMS!!!

Liked the performance?

By on May 10, 2017
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