Charli XCX - "Number 1 Angel": Album Lyrics + Stream

charli xcx number 1 angel album

Charli XCX - "Number 1 Angel": Album Lyrics + Stream

We refuse to call this a mixtape. It deserves a better title. The title of ALBUM actually.

Charli XCX has unveiled her “Number 1 Angel” project. A mixtape she says it is. A “mixtape” (album!!!) comprised of 10 tracks - all original music. Some of the songs are collaborations with cool artists such as Starrah, FAYE, MØ, Uffie, Abra, and the legendary CupcakKe.

How can we literally call this a “mixtape” if it is better than Charli’s “True Romance” and “Sucker” ALBUMS combined?

Also, if this is how Charli XCX sounds when she’s not feeling oppressed by her record label, then please go independent immediately. This is the best we’ve heard from you!


  1. Dreamer (feat. Starrah & RAYE)
  2. 3AM (Pull Up) [feat. MØ]
  3. Blame It On You
  4. Roll With Me
  5. Emotional
  6. ILY2
  7. White Roses
  8. Babygirl (feat. Uffie)
  9. Drugs (feat. Abra)
  10. Lipgloss (feat. CupcakKe)


By on March 9, 2017

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