Charli XCX Drops Two New FIRE Songs: “No Angel” & “Focus” (Stream)

charli xcx no angel

Charli XCX dropped two new songs today on digital platforms. They are titled “No Angel” and “Focus”. And to put it simply, they are freaking FIRE!

I don’t know what’s Charli XCX’s plan for these new songs she’s been randomly releasing lately but I hope there’s an EP/album coming. They are literally her best body of work yet!

After the urban anthem “5 in the Morning”, Charli XCX pulls out her pop guns again. “No Angel” is the British singer’s cry that being naughty is okay, and “Focus” is just a repetitive bop where Charli XCX lets a boy know that if he wants to be with her, she needs to be the only thing in his mind, his priority.

It’s honestly had to pick a favorite, but if I had to I’d definitely go with “Focus”. I’ve had it on repeat since this morning (poor “No Angel” I know but the weekend is long!) and I honestly can’t stop playing it. So catchy!


"No Angel" (click here for lyrics)

"Focus" (click here for lyrics)

By on June 29, 2018
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