Charice - Louder (Music Video!)

Oprah protégée and Glee star Charice Pempengco premiered this week the music video for her latest single "Louder" - The uptempo and uplifting pop number was produced by Dreamlab (Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez), and serves as single no. 2 taken from Charice's new international album "Infinity". So far this new Charice album has only been released in Japan, but singles like "Louder", "One Day" or the Bruno Mars-penned "Before It Explodes" can be purchased on almost all iTunes stores.

I'm personally a fan of this song "Louder". Yes, it may be categorized as generic, 'heard this sh*t before', but whatever! I like it! Charice adds her unique touch, and blasts us with her stunning vocals. Will it become a global smash? Of course not, Charice is destined to flop, but if she gives me a couple of good songs every now and then I don't mind, lol. As for the recently-premiered "Louder" MV, it was nice to watch, Charice gets really 'into the beat', feels the lyrics with passion, but I gotta admit it was a little awkward seeing her doing a choreography xD. She's stiff. Dancing is not her thing.

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

By on October 23, 2011
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