Cassie Dasilva’s “Welcome To My Castle” Is A Pop Gem You Need To Hear!

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Cassie Dasilva’s “Welcome To My Castle” Is A Pop Gem You Need To Hear!

If you love your pop music and you’re in for discovering a new artists with so much potential then this is the post for you. Let me introduce you to Cassie Dasilva, a new talent coming all the way from the friendly country of Canada. Cassie has been recently signed by Universal Music Canada and this song titled “Welcome To My Castle” is her first single release with her new major label home, and I hope it’s just one of the many new songs she plans to release in 2018 because I’m seriously going to need more and, please, I want them to be at the same level of perfection as “Welcome To My Castle” - which is a pop gem and definitely one of the songs that will be making my “Favorites of 2018” by the time this year ends.

Dance in the dust with me / I'm not a fantasy / Welcome to my castle / I'm gonna let you in”, sings Cassie on the chorus of her vulnerable and infectious new single. I loved this song on the first listen and I’m convinced you’re going to have a similar experience once you click play on the YouTube video at the bottom of this blog post. “Welcome To My Castle” is so easy to love, it’s bliss to the ears, it’s proof that Cassie Dasilva is a great songwriter (this fairytale kind of narration reminds me to Natalia Kills’ “Wonderland” and I’m just living for it), and it’s also proof that Cassie was born to bless our souls with this kind of delicate pop music.

If you love you for who you are, won’t change for anyone, and you’re happy to let people into your life should they accept your unique differences, then “Welcome To My Castle” is so going to be your anthem. I know it’s mine already!


By on March 7, 2018

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