Cassie About To Drop 2 New Songs, “Make-Up” & “Joint”: She Coming Back!

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Cassie About To Drop 2 New Songs, “Make-Up” & “Joint”: She Coming Back!

I kid you not. Cassie is about to pull a comeback on us.

The clever singer/actress is perfectly lining up the times of her new music reveal to meet with the opening in theaters of her new movie “Honey 3: Dare to Dance” - yep! welcome to the franchise, girl!

At the VMAs red carpet last Sunday, Cassie informed an E! News reporter that she would be putting out a “new single” entitled “Make-Up” and produced by Detail “soon”. And that’s right, she said “NEW SINGLE”. See it and hear it for yourselves:

Is this “new single” going to be part of a new EP or new studio album then? Cassie has yet to clarify that but if she said “new single” then it must be part of a bigger project.

Cassie must hurry, though, in releasing that “Make-Up” new single of hers. Why? Because if she doesn’t hurry then fans are going to hear another new song, and a non-single one, before. It’s a song called “Joint (No Sleep)” and that is part of the “Honey 3: Dare to Dance” soundtrack which arrives in stores this Friday, September 2nd. Or maybe Cassie is thinking of dropping “Make-Up” this Friday too?

Either way, Cassie is obviously timing this 2016 comeback to make it coincide with her new movie, because new movie means lots of promo and publicity for her. And that’s exactly what “Make-Up” is going to need. Clever!

The last official single release we had from Cassie was “The Boys” in 2012 - so it was about damn time!

You got too comfortable and lazy with Diddy, girl. Good to see you finally getting back to work!


By on August 30, 2016

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