Cassadee Pope Releases Her Best Song Ever With “Summer” And Looks Like A Total Hottie In The Music Video!

cassadee pope summer video
cashed pope summer video premiere

Now that Taylor Swift has ditched country for pop, there’s a position available for someone to become the new youthful princess of country music and although I’m sure many see Kelsea Ballerini as the nominee to get that throne, my personal vote goes to Cassadee Pope, winner of Season 3 of “The Voice” in the US. And although it’s true that her 2013 debut album “Frame by Frame” didn’t become an astonishing success, nor its singles topped any chart, yet the overall performance of the era was pretty decent with the album almost selling 200,000 units, and the singles getting positively reviewed. Cassadee, who still has the support of her labels Republic Nashville and Big Machine Records, recently announced that this summer of 2016 she would release new music in the form of an EP called “Summer”. The lead single of said project, the title track, was released by Ms. Pope yesterday (June 3rd), with the music video premiering on VEVO on the same day. And OH MY GOD - this totally is Cassadee’s best career song to date by far. “Summer” is a tender, feel-good country-pop song, which I feel may be autobiographical, that has it all to become a country radio hit, which even has a true appeal to attempt a pop crossover, and in the music video Cassadee looks oh-so-stunning. What a hottie!Floridian beauty representing! Check this out below:

What do you think? A total hit, right? And I was wondering why was Cassadee Pope acting so excited when talking about this new single on her social media accounts - it was because she knew she had a monster hit on her hands. “Summer” gets stuck on you on the first listen, it’s so well-sung, it puts you on a good move, it makes you want to fall in love ASAP, you can totally dive into and believe the story Cassadee tells in the song, and the summery theme of it no doubt will fit the minds of everyone like a glove as summer is right around the corner.

With respect to the music video, the director nailed it in capturing the essence and message of the song. In the official visual we can see Cassadee sharing with us the story of a certain summer in her life where she fell in love with a good-looking, gym-ready boy. The two lovebirds were in total honeymoon phase during that summer. They would hang with each other every day, they would have fun at the beach, walk through the boardwalk hand in hand, make love in the car, act like fools in love in the streets at night, among other things. And even though it’s true that in the song Cassadee gets a bit sad that the boy leaves town as he was back home for the summer only, she will save an amazing memory of that summer love in her heart, and she will make a metaphorical comparison of what she experienced with that boy wit…summer, saying: “You talk like, and you walk like, and you look like, and you burn like summer”.

WOW! No doubt Cassadee is praying for that guy to return next year, ha!

Hit or Miss?

cassadee pope summer music video
By on June 4, 2016
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