Cascada - "Blink" [Music Video]

After the huge disappointment that was the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest for them, Cascada is back with a new single from what is hopefully a new album. The EDM-ready "Blink" was released on iTunes today, March 28th, the same day the music video is out!

Cascada just love releasing party-ready songs just in time for summer. "Blink" features a massive dance production, your regular dose o up-lifting lyrics, and powerful vocals by Natalie Horler. Make sure to watch its simple, yet "energy-infusing" visual above.

cascada blink
cascada natalie blink

The lyrics of "Blink" talk about living every second of your life to the fullest, and 'to the fullest' means that you don't even have time to blink! Live, live, live it up!

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What do you think of "Blink"?

natalia horler in blink video
By on March 28, 2014
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