Cascada - 'Glorious' (Music Video)

Cascada's Natalie Horler is the Queen of the Prom in the music video for "Glorious", the song with which the dance act are hoping to represent Germany on the upcoming Eurovision Contest...Watch above!

While I know music videos for the Eurovision Contest songs aren't our usual 'high budget' affair, I was expecting somewhat more creativity from Cascada. In the "Glorious" video, we see band frontwoman Natalie Horler wearing a rather unflattering long golden 'prom-like' dress as she walks onto a ballroom where she'll dance her troubles away and root for a handful of 'ballerina' hopefuls with a lot of confetti coming down from above in the process. LOL? What was this?. There's nothing 'glorious' about this video...

What do you think of the video?

Cascada - 'Glorious' (Music Video)
By on February 2, 2013
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