Carlos Vara Tells How To Make The Most Of A Party Night In "Confident"

carlos vara confident

There is the confident people and the shy people. When you’re in a club, it’s better that you are confident. That a) may get you a faster entry to the club, b) may get you to sneak into the VIP area trouble-free, and c) it will be much easier to flirt with people and succeed in your intentions. But what happens when the ‘confident’ person is actually one that is very shy but used a little something, something to create that façade of confidence? Well, it happens that you may get a very good night for you but in the end you will feel like you cheated, didn’t stay true to yourself, and you will definitely experience the side effects of whatever you let into your body. But what an experience, which you shouldn’t ever repeat, to share as an anecdote to your friends, right? If that’s ever happened to you, you will find Carlos Vara’s newest single “Confident” very relatable. Speaking to on this super-catchy song, he told us: “This song was written about a stoned night out in West Hollywood. I was trying to keep up with the party and faking my confidence... but then, went home an emotional wreck”. Can’t believe I only found out about this song last week. Shame on me. “Confident” was released in late February and its music video has almost 1 million views. So you can tell people are digging this new artist and this song. And it was so good that Carlos agreed to talk to us prior to writing this post. Knowing what inspired a song is always nice.

But a relatable story in a song has to be accompanied by an amazing production, especially if it’s a pop, if success wants to be obtained. And in the case of “Confident”, the beat is there. it’s infectious, and it’s electro-pop/synth-pop deliciousness. But what’s my favorite part of the song? That incredible catchy chorus of course. It gives me a little bit of Kesha’s “Tik Tok” and I’m just living for it. This is anthem for the club and/or for pre-drinks.


By on April 16, 2019
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