Cardi B Releasing Her Second Album In 2019: Watch The ‘Instagram Live’ Announcement!

cardi b new album 2019

Interesting. We thought Cardi B would be releasing a re-issue of her "Invasion of Privacy" album this year but instead she's going to release an entirely new LP: her second official one.

In an Instagram Live on Tuesday night, Cardi B revealed the 'new album in 2019' news and said she hoped she would finish recording it by April. So there's a possibility Cardi B's sophomore studio album gets released in the summer! Are you ready?

So "Money" is actually the lead single from album number two and not from the "Invasion of Privacy" re-release. Woot!


Do you think this is a good move from Cardi B (a second album just a year later) or were there more worthy singles from "Invasion of Privacy" to keep promoting that or extend the life of that project with a re-release? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!


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By on January 2, 2019
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