Cardi B Is “La Modelo” In Ozuna’s New Music Video!

cardi b la modelo
cardi b la modelo video

Cardi B Is “La Modelo” In Ozuna’s New Music Video!

Cardi B ruled English charts this year and it seems one of her objectives for next year will be ruling Spanish charts too. The “Bodak Yellow” raptress is the featured artist on Puerto Rican reggaeton star Ozuna’s latest single “La Modelo” (“The Model” in English). Cardi B sings, quite nicely actually, in Spanish, and raps a verse in English in this very caliente, sexy song.

The official music video for “La Modelo” arrived on YouTube last night, and in less than 24 hours, the video was viewed over 4 million times! Huge! Looks like Ozuna is really killing it in the Latin music game. The music video shows Ozuna delivering his verses in a colorful town, partying with beautiful girls, and Cardi B donning sexy, skin-revealing outfits and getting on a king size bed with a shirtless Mr. Ozuna.

I see a major Latin hit right here! Get it Cardi!

By on December 20, 2017
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