Cardi B Drops New Single, Future Hit “Bartier Cardi”: Review

cardi b bartier cardi

Cardi B Drops New Single, Future Hit “Bartier Cardi”: Review

One hit wonder who? Don’t you dare to insult queen Cardi B ever again! The raptress released this Friday morning her brand new single “Bartier Cardi”, the much-anticipated follow-up to her mega smash hit “Bodak Yellow”, and it is a bop, a bonafide future Billboard Hot 100 hit, and the perfect track to slay me completely for the last time in 2017. Cardi’s “Bartier Cardi” is a brag-heavy anthem featuring 21 Savage and with its super cool beat produced by 30 Roc and Cheeze Beatz.

Who get this mothaf*cker started? (Cardi) / Who took your bitch out to party? (Cardi) / I took your bitch in the party (Cardi) / Who that be fly as a Martian? (Cardi) / Who that on fleek in the cut? (Cardi) / Who got the bricks in the truck? (Cardi)”, sings Miss Cardi B in her first verse. And I see no lies in anything she says in those lyrics. Cardi B is that leader b*tch and you better not mess with her. Just envy her.

I’m learning the lyrics as fast as possible to start jamming to this song everywhere I go. And please, queen Cardi B, give us the music video soon! New year gift maybe? And you, blog readers, go stream and buy “Bartier Cardi” now!!! The sooner we get it to #1 on the Hot 100 the better.

By on December 22, 2017
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