Cardi B Doesn’t Want Offset To End Up Like Pete Davidson, Defends Him From Social Media Bullying After Embarrassing Failed Apology Ambush

cardi b and offset drama

This has not been a good month for Cardi B. First she announces she has broken up with Offset (he was allegedly unfaithful to her MULTIPLE times), she has been left to take care of baby Kulture all on her own (and taking care of a 6-month child is no easy task), and now she has to deal with new drama. What drama? She was ambushed by Offset at the Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles last night, December 15th. She wasn't done with her set and the band instead of continuing with the next song they go full silence. And then suddenly Offset walks on stage bringing Cardi B some kind of gift. They would talk for a little bit in private (sadly for us the mic was cut off) as the crowed held their breaths. Unfortunately for Offset, Cardi B wasn't having it. She asked him to leave her stage and he complied looking very sad and destroyed.

Fans quickly shared videos of this embarrassing for Offset moment on social media. It became a hot topic in a matter of minutes with thousands of Cardi B fans sending the Migos nasty, hateful comments to his social media accounts.

Once she left the Rolling Loud festival and she was informed of how huge the online hate had gotten towards Offset, Cardi B took to Instagram to address the situation. First she did a live stream where she first said she didn't like what Offset had done, and that she doesn’t like “surprises” in general. Then she urged fans to stop the hate towards him on social media. She didn't like one bit the comments she had seen and said that if those people were true fans of her, they would listen to her and stop the hate immediately. In subsequent videos posted on her IG feed, Cardi B continued protecting Offset with more "stop the hate" messages and then made a reference to Pete Davidson (who yesterday posted an alarming note that showed he was having suicidal thoughts) saying she wouldn't want Offset to have the same thoughts Pete was experiencing because of the massive online bullying. She still has love for him and he's the father of her daughter, she stressed to fans various times. She has an obligation to protect him from this kind of dangerous situations, especially considering the latest heartbreaking events occurred to fellow industry artists, for the sake of Kulture.

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By on December 16, 2018
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