Can You Spot Pink & Sia In Stargate’s “Waterfall” Music Video? Can You?

stargate waterfall video
stargate waterfall video premiere

Can You Spot Pink & Sia In Stargate’s “Waterfall” Music Video? Can You?

Last week Stargate's glorious debut single "Waterfall" featuring queens Pink and Sia got released. Today it's the turn of the music video. And... is it glorious too?

Hmmmm... First watch it and we think you'll agree with our review below.



What's the point of wasting your time shooting a music video if neither Pink or Sia are going to appear in it? We're just shocked.

We understand their agendas are busy but come on... couldn't they find at least two free hours? They could have shot their scenes separately, we don't care. The guys of Stargate must be pissed they got stood up by Pink and Sia on this. We know we would be. They knew the single had to have a music video either way but if we had been them we would have cancelled any video shooting as a sign of protest or something. To try to get these divas to make the effort and agree to make time for a "Waterfall" music video filming. What other strategy could they have used?

The music video above follows two random girls doing some kind of acrobatics in a zero gravity room. Yey?

Stargate's debut album will be coming later this year, filled with many hit collaboration we're sure, via RCA Records.


By on March 17, 2017

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