Camila Cabello Arrives: "Camila" Debut Album Out January 12, Pre-Order With 2 Songs This Week!

camila cabello debut album

Camila Cabello Arrives: "Camila" Debut Album Out January 12, Pre-Order With 2 Songs This Week!

When Roger Gold, aka Camila Cabello’s manager, wrote “Big week for us #camilizers” yesterday, he wasn’t lying. Today the release date for Camila’s solo debut album has been revealed. The set will be out on January 12th, 2018. Amazon Japan first disclosed the release date, then a range of European online retailers followed suit. They unfortunately beat Camila in doing the release date revealing. We have the feeling Camila’s original intent was to announce the release date herself alongside a pre-order launch this Friday. Maybe that still is a go but there’s now the possibility the announcement is pushed up. Also, as it was expected, “Camila” will be the official title of Miss Cabello’s solo debut LP. “The Hurting The Healing, The Loving” has been canceled. Camila has said that she will write a public letter to fans explaining the title change.

But when Roger Gold promised “a big week”, do you think the album’s release date and pre-order can be all there is? If you’re with us, then you’re probably saying no with your head right now. And indeed, there’s one more thing. Word has it that Camila plans to release this Friday too the studio version of “Never Be The Same”. If you Shazamed the live version of the song a few hours ago, you would have been taken to a page revealing the official cover for “Never Be The Same” (see below). Now that’s been removed but we managed to do it in time and verify it.

So “Never Be The Same” studio version, and album pre-order are definitely coming! “Big week”? That’s right.

UPDATE: Camila has spoken! She just took to social media to confirm everything. Her debut solo album, indeed titled just “Camila”, will be out on January 12, 2018 and the pre-order will be launching this Thursday! And besides giving “Never Be The Same” as instant grat, she will also give a second track, a new song called “Real Friends”. She also revealed the album’s official artwork. And finally, she kind of addressed the title change situation in her write-up but she didn’t really give a sounded explanation. Whatever, though. We’re here only for the music. Credit card ready for the pre-order!

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