Camila Cabello's 10 Seconds In "Know No Better" Music Video Are Not Enough: Watch

camila cabello know no better video
camila cabello know no better video premiere

My favorite Major Lazer song after “Lean On”, the Camila Cabello-assisted “Know No Better”, received the music video treatment today. Diplo and Co. uploaded the full “Know No Better” video today (July 11) on VEVO after teasing the premiere with a visual snippet over the weekend.

The music video sees a young boy being bullied and finding little by little the inner strength to make a move on the girl he likes. The young boy will ultimately dazzle and win the girl over with his outstanding dance moves at a diner.

Camila Cabello makes only a 10-second cameo in this music video: at the recording studio checking out too the dancing skills of the music video’s leading young boy.

WHAT!? 10 seconds of Camila only? That’s messed up.

I kind of sensed from the teaser this “random” treatment was going to be the one being served when the full music video premiered but I never imagined Camila would only get 10 seconds of screen time. Why would Major Lazer think this treatment was going to be more beneficial for the song instead having Camila killing it with her suave persona, showmanship, and diva fierceness? I was really expecting a few scenes of Camila going crazy doing a choreography in the chorus… Dreams totally crushed here!


Oh well, I'll just keep dancing to "Know No Better" at the club no matter what and pray an alternate music video is premiered in the future.

By on July 11, 2017
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