Camila Cabello Wanted To Kiss Nick Jonas On New Year’s Eve But Chickened Out! And Nick Would’ve Been OK With It!

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Nooooo! Why did you chicken out?

Wouldn’t they be a great couple?

Camila Cabello was interviewed last night on “The Tonight Show” by Jimmy Fallon and during their conversation the topic of New Year’s Eve was discussed.

Camila commented that it’s a tradition she learned from her Cuban family to eat 12 grapes to the last 12 seconds leading to the ringing of the New Year. But in this last occasion, she couldn’t perform her tradition. And she couldn’t get a New Year’s Eve kiss either. But she wanted to!

Camila was booked for ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special so she was at Times Squares live on December 31st. And the only people being next to her at midnight were Mariah Carey, Ryan Seacrest and Nick Jonas. So the “Havana” singer thought for a second give Nick a traditional New Year’s Eve kiss (on the lips of course)! But she chickened out. Apparently she never told this information to Nick until she revealed it publicly on “The Tonight Show” yesterday. And you know what? That kiss would have been approved by Nick! He just liked the Instagram post of the video Camila saying she wanted to kiss him. Look!

Oh man. What if that kiss would have been the beginning of a beautiful relationship?

Follow your instincts next time, Camila!

By on January 13, 2018
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