Camila Cabello And Luis Fonsi Might Be Working Together Soon!

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Camila Cabello And Luis Fonsi Might Be Working Together Soon!

Camila Cabello may be hopping on a new remix of one of the biggest songs of 2017, “Despacito”. Either that or she will record something else totally brand new with Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi.

Camila was recently at a radio show of Capital FM in the UK doing an interview where she was asked to sing a few of the Spanish lyrics of “Despacito”. The host of the show later tweeted a clip of Camila’s performance adding the message of, “Um, @LuisFonsi, can we get a @Camila_Cabello #Despacito remix now!?! Need that. Like yesterday.”.

Luis Fonsi reacted last night to the host’s tweet, quoting it and posting it on his Twitter feed with the additional caption of, “I hear you @Camila_Cabello”.

Camila reacted to Luis Fonsi’s reaction to her “Despacito” radio performance almost immediately by tweeting, “.@LuisFonsi hi!!!!!!.

It’s evident that now that a channel of communication has opened between them, serious talks about working together will ensue. Either Luis Fonsi will invite Camila to do a “Camila Cabello remix” of "Despacito", as the Capital FM radio show host brightly suggested or he will ask her for her personal phone number so he can contact her when he’s back in the studio working on follow-up music for “Despacito”. I have strong belief this will in fact happen after all this tweet exchanging.

Luis Fonsi and Camila would sound very “caliente” (hot) on a collaboration. That is a fact. Make it happen, please! (and that future collaboration could be Camila's long-awaited grand introduction to the Latin American market. Because she would be singing all in Spanish of course!).

By on June 8, 2017

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