Calvin Harris & Sam Smith Announce Debut Collaboration “Promises”: Are You Ready For The Slayage?

sam smith calvin harris

Calvin Harris and Sam Smith will debut their first collaboration ever titled “Promises” this Friday, August 17th. The announcement was made on Calvin Harris’ social media accounts last night with the reveal of the cover art of the single. This will be the Scottish DJ’s follow-up single to the massive hit “One Kiss” with Dua Lipa.

Calvin killed it with “One Kiss” and I have the feeling the slayage will continue with “Promises”. For starters, we already know Sam Smith can slay in clubby up-tempo songs. See: “Omen”, “Latch” or “La la la”. Plus there’s no way in hell Calvin would let Sam Smith collaboration go to waste. Of course he had to record with him a song that has incredible potential to be super hit. He keeps the “lesser” songs for “lesser” artists.

My body is ready for Friday to dance!

Are you excited too? Let’s get ready together by listening to Sam’s old clubby hits:

By on August 14, 2018
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