Calvin Harris Premieres His "Faking It" Music Video Starring Kehlani

calvin harris faking it video
calvin harris faking it video youtube

Calvin Harris makes a tiny cameo in the music video for his latest single “Faking It”. The music video premiered on VEVO on Monday night. In contrast to Calvin’s tiny, few seconds-long piano-playing role, Kehlani and Lil Yachty, the performers of the song, do have a lot of visual relevance in the “Faking It” music video. Besides singing her lyrics with intense passion, Kehlani will also show the world her excellent fashion taste. She will don five different outfits in the music video. She will wear a chic large bath robe in her opening scene, then will move for a more “cool chick with a job” ensemble, then she’ll wear an all-black piece that matches the beautiful puma sitting next to her, then she’ll put on a backless dress as she stands next to piano-playing Calvin Harris, and finally she’ll wear a silk pajamas as she falls down to in a hole. As far as Lil Yachty, he will look as crazy as he always does as he raps his bridge verse.

The music video has a winter, ice, cold theme. So we guess Calvin is serious when he wants “Faking It” to be his smash hit for the upcoming low temperatures season.


By on October 24, 2017
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