Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Music Video!)

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Music Video!)

Singer-songwriter/record producer/DJ Calvin Harris gave his brand new single "Feel So Close" the VEVO treatment today - This becomes the follow-up to Calvin's latest single "Bounce" (feat Kelis) which had an impressive debut, directly apperaring at #2 on the UK charts - However, the lack of TV promotion has affected the single making it lose positions over the weeks, although "Bounce" is still within the Top 10. Calvin should totally ask Kelis to go to the UK so they can do promo together for "Bounce". People over there clearly like the song, it just need a little push so it can consolidate.

As for the next single "Feel So Close", this won't be officially released until August 24th, but Calvin felt like it was the right move to already radio premiere it and release its official videoclip. I personally like song, it may not be as commercial as "Bounce", but it's very Calvin, he SINGS in it, and all in all, it's a solid dancefloor-friendly effort. As for the music video, it's a bit random! The plot is basically ramdom people 'getting together' and creating new friendships. It fits the lyrics I guess.

By on July 14, 2011

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