Caliente! Hear Drake’s Sexy Spanish Singing On Bad Bunny’s New Song “MIA” Now!

drake mia
drake mia bad bunny

Had you forgotten about this song too? I now remember they teased this collaboration earlier in the year by posting a short video or photo of themselves hanging in the recording studio. Well, many months later what Bad Bunny and Drake cooked the music laboratory is finally out in the world. Their collaboration is titled “MIA” (“Mine” in English), it was released by surprise today (Oct. 11) on digital platforms, it was produced by DJ Luian & Mambo Kingz, and it is a reggaeton-trap kind of track.

Get your first listen of this steamy bop, which is entirely in Spanish by the way, below via the official music video (also premiered today):


The music video is very “meh” (Drake’s good looks are always appreciated, though) but the song is FUEGO. I love me some reggaeton-trap, this sounds like a club banger and I was quite impressed by Drake’s singing (it’s gotten better over the years), how sexy he sounds in Spanish, and by his Spanish pronunciation too. Demi or Selena could never! (lol). Isn’t it a bad sad that Drake who’s a Canadian with no Latin ancestry (I think) is able to pronounce Spanish better than American artists with a Latin family? I mean… (Go Drake, though).

Back in 2014 Drake had a tiny Spanish singing role on Romeo Santos’ “Odio” single but Romeo’s bachata music isn’t that commercial, so English-speaking America never heard it and the song never really "transcended" on a global scale. . But Bad Bunny’s music is quite popular, America and the world know him from Cardi B’’s “I Like It” and “MIA” is commercial as f*ck and of course radios everywhere are going to eat this up. Sucks this wasn’t released in the summer, though. So many good dancefloor moments I would slayed with this song…

Feeling this song?

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By on October 11, 2018
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