“Bumblebee” Star Hailee Steinfeld Gives Us New Music, “Back To Life”: Song Premiere

hailee steinfeld back to life

Have you seen the “Bumblebee” trailer? Oh my God, it looks so bad. I mean, just by that trailer I know for a fact this movie is going to flop horribly when it hits theaters in mid-December. So why on heaven’s name did Hailee Steinfeld agree to star in it? Was it the money? Because I’m sure anybody that had read the script would have quickly figured out “Bumblebee” was going to be a mess. But oh well. I may already be hating this unreleased film but what I’m not hating that much is Hailee’s contribution to the soundtrack. We don’t know yet if there are going to be more songs sung by her but so far we have this one: “Back to Life”. This track was released on digital platforms yesterday (Oct. 2) and it sounds very sweet. I honestly forgot for a minute how much I liked Hailee’s singing voice.

Back to Life” may not be greatest song ever but it’s a cute, breezy song you can hear with your headphones on while at the public bus looking out the window singing along to it and this situation would amplify its effectiveness – of you entering a good-mood trance – if you are in love and in the early honeymoon phase.


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By on November 3, 2018
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