BTS Release "MIC Drop" English Remix, Perform It On "Ellen"

bts mic drop video
bts mic drop video youtube

The BTS mania has officially begun in America. Following the K-POP group’s performance at the 2017 American Music Awards earlier this month, BTS have no intention of leaving America in peace just yet. They already gave the American people a taste of them with their performance of “DNA” at the AMAs, and now they’re ready to give them their official debut single for the U.S (as in a song thought precisely for this market). Will it be an all-Korean song a la PSY with “Gagnam Style”? Nop. BTS think English is the best vehicle language for their U.S debut. And the song they’ve chosen is “MIC Drop”, originally included on their “Love Yourself: Her” EP. The new, reworked version is a remix produced by Steve Aoki, featuring a rap verse from Desiigner, and featuring all English lyrics, except for a few lines in Korean. The Steve Aoki remix has given the song a stronger sound; definitely more mainstream, and definitely more party-ready (dancefloors across America ain’t ready!). The Desiigner verse was also an intelligent move for it will give the single a faster and more organic connection with the American audience, plus opening “MIC Drop” the doors to other radio formats besides Top 40 of course!

Last Friday, the same day the remix was released (went number 1 on iTunes USA), BTS premiered the official music video for the new version on YouTube. The music video swaps the Desiigner first verse for the first verse of the original Korean version (BTS most likely wanted to make a music video both their Korean and American fans would appreciate):

Today, BTS performed the “MIC Drop” remix on “The Ellen Show”. We’ve never seen a crowd as large as this!

By on November 27, 2017
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