BTS Perform Mini-Concert On "Jimmy Kimmel Live": Watch The K-POP Slayage!

bts jimmy kimmel live
bts jimmy kimmel live 2017

BTS Perform Mini-Concert On "Jimmy Kimmel Live": Watch The K-POP Slayage!

BTS isn't done with America just yet. Before returning to South Korea, the extremely popular K-POP band is apparently planning on visiting every major daytime talk show and late show in the U.S following their American television debut at the 2017 American Music Awards last week. First, BTS were on “The Ellen Show” on Monday, and yesterday they appeared on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. There, BTS performed an outdoors concert before a massive number of fans. The one song whose performance was televised was evidently “MIC Drop”, whose Steve Aoki-produced English remix is the single BTS are currently promoting in the U.S. But to not disappoint the large crowd of fans that had left everything behind to go and see them perform at the L.A studios of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” yesterday, BTS performed a mini-concert with four additional songs. Although these four performances were not televised, they were uploaded on the ABC late show’s YouTube channel. It was such a generous gesture from BTS to perform more songs for these fans, for we mean, when will be the next time they’ll be on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” performing an outdoors concert like this one where lots of fans can attend, right? Better give their fans all the possible love now just in case!

The “MIC Drop” performance as well as the performances of “Go Go”, “Save Me”, “I Need U”, and “Fire” were electrifying. BTS gave the crowd what they wanted and the crowd responded with non-stop loud cheering.

Oh, and we know what you want to know, “MIC Drop” is still on the Top 10 of iTunes USA! HUGE!!!!!

PS: Next for BTS will be doing “James Corden” tonight.

By on November 30, 2017

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