Bruno Mars To Release New Song On January 4: Let’s Freak Out!

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It’s been now over a year since we don’t have brand new Bruno Mars music and it seems that will be changing in only a few days. Gary Trust, whose official job is “Co-Director of Charts/Hot 100 Chart Manager/Chart Beat Editor” at Billboard, dropped a bomb just a few minutes when he tweeted the following:

He didn’t say “rumor”, he didn’t say “I’ve heard”, he said very boldly: January 4 Bruno Mars will release a new song. The lead single from his forthcoming fourth studio album? Most likely. “24K Magic” was released in November 2016 and everybody’s already craving for new tracks from Bruno Mars. If January 4 is the day the lead single drops then we can definitely expect the new album to arrive in the spring of 2018. Although it will be curious to see how Bruno Mars promotes the early phase of that new era given that he’s booked for non-stop touring from January to July. Will 2018 tour-goers get a revamped setlist with the new album songs? That might be the case!

Can’t wait to hear what Bruno Mars has prepared for us on January 4. We already know, though, it will be amazing and we will love so much.

UPDATE: Gary Trust has deleted his tweet. I guess Bruno's label got a bit furious he destroyed their surprise...

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By on December 18, 2017
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