Bruno Mars & Cardi B Give Us “Finesse” Remix: Watch Music Video!

bruno mars cardi b finesse
bruno mars cardi b finesse video

The next single from Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” album is “Finesse”, however, you won’t be hearing the original version on the radio, but the remix version featuring the one and only Cardi B. This new version premiered on digital platforms last night and simultaneously the music video for the remix was uploaded on YouTube.

Cardi B is getting rich from these constant new collaborations and we love it. We’re so happy for her. It was about time the female rappers game got a little bit bigger. It was all Nicki Minaj up until Cardi B stepped into the scene.

About “Finesse”, we don’t need to comment much. It’s one of the 9 amazing songs on the “24K Magic” album and it is a groovy, old school banger. Was it perfect in its original version? Yes. But does Cardi B make it sound ever groovier with her rapping? Yes! We didn’t know “Finesse” needed a female rapper swag up until this remix premiered. Cardi B and Bruno together make “Finesse” sound even cooler.

And as for the music video, they remained respectful to the old school vibe of the song. It sees Bruno Mars and Cardi B wearing retro clothes and starring in a music video that could have been shot in the 80s. We loved the good vibes coming from it and Bruno’s cool dancing!

By on January 4, 2018
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